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Tourist Association “Aygidik” - Blagoevgrad is society oriented non-profit association registered as per Non-profit Legal Persons Act and it is a full-time member of the Bulgarian Tourist Association.


The association is not a commercial organization and the services proposed by it do not aim at big commercial profits, but implementation of its fundamental goals - to protect and develop tourist traditions and to support social policy of the country, recreation and education of youngsters.




As part of goals implementation above-mentioned Tourist Association “Aygidik” organizes excursions, ecological activities and children’s camps for students at mountain hostel Bodrost as well as at opened in 2009 Ecocentre.


In respect to age of the students, we offer various theoretical and practical activities for children’s introduction in fundamentals of mountaineering and strengthening their knowledge about nature as well as nurturing of their environmental culture and health life habits.











Mountain hostel Macedonia is situated at the saddle Mechi prohod (Bear’s orifice) /between Big and Small Mechi peak (Big and Small Bear’s peak)/ in the Southwestern ridge of mountain Rila. It is located at 2166 m above sea-level at the Southern foot of Big Mechi peak (Big Bear’s peak), which makes it one of the highest located mountainmounatin hostels at the Balkan peninsula. The massive two-storied building is build in the distant 1937 thanks to voluntary labour and enthusiasm of mountain and tourism lovers.






Mountain hostel Bodrost is situated at the resort of the same name, which is located 27 km Northeast from the town of Blagoevgrad. The route to the mountain hostel is covered with asphalt and it is well-maintainedmaintened during all seasons. The overhauled in 2009 two-storied building has overall capacity of 40 seats for sleeping accommodation, arranged at rooms with 3, 4 and 5 beds.






It is situated close to mountain hostel Bodrost. It is opened in 2009. On the first floor, there are independent information centre, training climbing wall, two exposition halls, teahouse with refreshment room and wardrobe. On the second floor, there are multifunctional training hall, medical centre and four recreation rooms.






Chacalica shelter is situated at 1850 above sea-level at picturesque site Chacalica, located in the Southwestern ridge of Rila mountain. The construction represents one-storied building, just next to it a massive three-storied building (the new mountain hostel) is located, which is in a process of reconstruction. At the moment, it offers 22 seats for sleeping accommodation in three rooms with 6 beds and a van with 4 beds, kitchen equipment, where the tourists could prepare brought by them food or herbal tea as well as there is spacious canteen, external and internal sanitary premises and toilets.

Chacalica could be reached via forest route, which passes through beautiful and pictorial sites. Moreover, there is well-maintainedmaintened tourist pathway.




Tourist Association “Aygidik” is founded in 1925 at Blagoevgrad bookstore “Nature” by a group of young enthusiasts, mountain lovers. At that time, the town was called Gorna Dzhumaya and among the founders are the names of Zdravko Despodov, Dr. Ivan Kostadinov, Doncho and Sotir Cholakovi, Stoyan Levkov, Nencho Oslikov, Krum Markov and etc.


The tourist association organizes various events at the biggest mountain in Southeastern Europe - Rila. As per initiative by the association and the forestry enterprise in 1933 the venerable forest at the site of “Parangalica” is declared as a reserve. In this way the unique spruce forests become a part of the territory of one of the first reserves in Bulgaria and are protected for the future.


Development of the organized tourist movement and numerous excursions at the mountain, naturally provoke the idea of building of a mountain hostel, which could shelter the tourists, reaching this part of Rila. In 1933 the idea had begun to be realized as well as at the Southern foot of Mechi peak (Bear’s peak) /at that time Aygidik/ the first stone of the foundings of today’s mountain hostel Macedonia was laid down.




During the seventies of the last century an electricity power turbine was built at mountain hostel Macedonia, the old wooden plank-beds were replaced with the modern at that time spring beds, radio and tv were purchased. Annually, at this period, over 5000 tourists had passed through the mountain hostel, not only by Blagoevgrad and the region, but also by all parts of Bulgaria.


Electing present management of the association in 2008 has contributed to rise in the development of tourism in Southwestern Rila. Mountain hostels Macedonia and Bodrost are overhauled. New tourist centre - “Ecoland” is built. Moreover, modern and environmentallyenvironmental friendly mountain hostels attract guests from the entire country and abroad.






During thirties of the 20th century to the tourist association pedestrian tourism and tourist orientation were founded, which won prizes at republican competitions.




In 1961 Alpinism club is founded to the tourist association “Aygidik”, which also has gained substantial success - Lidiya Solachka is fourfold republican champion and is a cup-winner of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as in the Alps, the highest parts of the Carpathian Mountains - High tatra, the champion of Caucasus - Elbrus and etc.






Founded in 1981 “Para Delta - Blagoevgrad” has united hang-gliders’, motoparaplans’ and moto hang-gliders’ pilots.


The beginning of hang-gliding in the Pirin region is set thanks to the restlessrestlest spirit and enthusiasm of Dimitar Kalaydzhiev, Petar Hristov, and Ventsislav Stoimenov. Following their child’s dreams, they engaged by themselves in construction of hang-glider. Assistance and precious professional directions are provided by the well-respected Aleksander Brachkov - former military pilot. Moreover, he organizes first pilotage theoretical course. All willing to fly like birds in the sky have grown fast as well as Ventsislav Stoimenov becomes instructor and Chairman of the club is the elected Petar Hristov. Since 1983 the young pilots had had 175 flights and 19 flying hours. In 1982, at championship in Kazanlak the club was classed at fourth place. Furthermore,  in 1995 Ventsislav Stoimenov realized one of the first in Bulgaria flights at 3000 m above sea-level. His courageous undertakings were not restricted to this flight, he continued to strengthen his skills and to search for new challenges and in 1999 and 2001 he became republican champion at “Air-rally with moto hang-gliders”. In 1998 the Swiss Ronald Pfister brought the first hang-glider in Blagoevgrad.





Development of mountain cycling in Blagoevgrad has begun in 2007 when some citizens of Blagoevgrad start to share opinions and information about various routes and search for followers at the forum of the website for mountain cycling Moreover, other mountain and cycling lovers are enthusiastic about extreme cycling walks at the highest parts of Rila, and in each of the next ridings, announced at the forum, the group gradually has grown. Led by the idea of promotion and development of this attractive method of mountain tourism and inspired by the interest of more and more young people, in April 2009 Aleksander Lazarov, Stiliyan and Stoyan Hristov officially founded  mountain cycling club to tourist association “Aygidik”. To assist the activity of the newly founded club in implementation of more diverse trips, the association provides to its members cross-country vehicle and specially designed trailer for transportation of 10 bicycles. For its short existence members of the club have implemented various trips in Southwestern Rila, Pirin, the Rhodopes, Belasitsa, Macedonia, Greece and etc. Maps, pictures and descriptions of substantial part of routes could be seen at the forum to the website in section “routes”.




The club has been founded in 2008 by Stoyan Hristov and Ivan Golemeev, who initiate first water trips. First кayaks events are implemented at the close to Blagoevgrad reservoir “Logodazh”. During the next year, the tourist association have purchased two new modern kayaks. Afterwards, water trips have been organized at entire Bulgaria and the neighbouring Greece and Macedonia.